quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

International Children Day

Ohin, dia 1 de Junho 2011 selebra Loron Internasional Labarik Nian. Iha mundo tomak, hosi Amerika to'o Europa, hosi Afrika, Asia to'o Australia, hotu-hotu dedika loron ida ne'e hodi halo festa ba labarik sira.

Iha sidadi nebe hau hela ba, naran Peterborough, sei halo festa ba labarik sira iha dia 4 de Junho, sabadu, komesa tuku 10 dader to'o tuku 3 lokoraik. Familia Timor oan hotu nebe hela iha sidadi Peterborough, hotu-hotu bele lori sira nia oan hodi ba halimar iha Central Park.

The Festival’s arena will be divided into 4 main thematic sections:

1) Performing Arts (children’s performance)

2) Children’s activities (example: face painting, arts and crafts, traditional costumes – fitting rooms, messy play…)

3) Sports activities (football, golf, mini – Olympics…)

4) Family Information Space (information stands for families)

Dear All,
Please see the poster advertising II International Children's Day Festival in Peterborough organised by the collaboration of statutory, voluntary and business sectors from our city. Over 30 organizations, small businesses and representatives of our Local Authority came together to deliver this hopefully unforgettable experience for all children. Fun, live performances, food, arts and crafts activities, rides and many, many more small and big initiatives will take place in Central Park on the 4th of June - starting at 10am.

Please help us to advertise this event by forwarding this email to you friends, colleagues and organizations which work with children. We would like every child in Peterborough to know that on the 4th of June a special effort is being made, especially for them.

Thank you very much to all who volunteered so far to support this Festival. It is not too late to join us. You may do so as a volunteer(pls see volunteer form), as an organization (if you want to deliver activities for children or information to their parents, perform live or take part in sports activities - expression of interest form) or as a sponsor .... so please get in touch with me if you are interested.

On behalf of the organisers:

Peterborough City Council,
Polish Saturday School,
Polish Arts and Culture Association

Kasia Chiva

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