terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Workshop For Parents - FREE

Six FREE themed workshops for parents

Workshop 3: Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet

Thomas Deacon Academy
11th July 2011: 7 - 9pm

All are welcome!

Future workshops to include:
- What to do if your child is in a gang
- Sex Education
- Help your child get an education

segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

Timor FC manan Trofeu Best Team "Fair Play" Duranti Turnamentu Selebra refugee Week Iha Peterborough 2011

Foto hamutuk hafoin simu tasa 2. Tasa 1 tamba partisipa iha turnamentu, tasa 1 seluk hanesan best team "fair play" duranti turnamentu selebra refugee week Peterborough 2011

Team tebe bola hosi Timor FC iha Peterborough manan trofeu best team "fair play" iha turnamentu tebe bola "7 " hodi selebra refugee week iha Peterborough, iha loron sabadu, 26/06/2011, komesa tuku 10 dader to'o tuku 4 lokoraik.

Iha jogo dader to'o lokoraik, nebe hetan suporte hosi Timor oan iha Peterborough, ekipa Timor FC hatudu jogo ida furak, mos no la hetan kartaun nein ida.

Duranti kualifikasaun, ekipa Timor FC konsege manan 2, lakon 2 no empata 1.

New Link 1 - 1 Timor FC

Peterborough Citizen Advice Bureau 1 - 6 Timor FC

Timor FC 3 - 1 Jaguar

Timor FC 0 - 1 AML

Timor FC 0 - 1 Scorpions FC

Timor FC kompostu hosi Demetrio da Silva (treinador), Nocky, Fredy, Anijo, Amari, Appoli, Mambo, Amanu (baliza), Fabio, Ai Kamin, Jose, Apeu no Kiku.

Ne'e primeira vez Timor FC iha halo parti iha kompetisaun tebe bola iha sidadi Peterborough.

Timor FC prepara ba turnamentu internasional tebe bola "7" nebe sei selebra iha fulan Setembro/Outubro iha Peterborough.

Celso Oliveira

Pride Not Prejudice


Be proud of your city and yourself. Find out more about the different people that make Peterborough such a dynamic cultural city and get help and advice about how to take care of yourself, your family and your belongings.
at City College Peterborough in Brook Street

Tuesday 28 June & Wednesday 29 June: 10am – 2.30pm and 5pm – 6pm


Tuesday 28th June

10-10.45am Belly Dancing for Beginners
Faye & the Desert Dancers

10-10.45am “I’m deaf, not daft!” Living with a
hearing impairment KarIn Odain, CCP

11 –11.45am Rogue Traders: Cowboys,
Tradesmen & Distraction Burglars
Eileen Levoi, Safelocaltraders

11 -11.45am Gypsy & Traveller Life Lesley Davies, PCC

12 – 12.45pm Hands off! It’s mine Don’t be a
target for thieves
Carol Aston, CambsPolice

12-12.45pm Keeping yourself and your kids
safe on the Internet
Angela Woodley, CCP

1 - 1.45pm My life as a ..... Muslim,
Sikh, Christian with Q&A sessions

1-1.45pm Say “Hola” to holiday Spanish
Clive Mariner, CCP

1-1.45pm Safe driving: Keeping yourself safe on the
road, quiz, driving simulator and more
Clair George, PCC

5.15- 6pm Say “Bonjour” to holiday French
Clive Mariner,CCP

5.15-6pm Yoga to destress
Kath Chiswell, CCP

Wednesday 29th June

10-10.45am “I’m deaf, not daft!” Living with
a hearing impairment
Karen Odain, CCP

10-10.45am Say “Hola” to holiday Spanish
Clive Mariner, CCP

11–11.45am Rogue Traders: Cowboys,
Tradesmen & Distraction Burglars:
Eileen Levoi, Safelocaltraders

11-11.45am Retirement: The best years of
your life!
David Bache,Age UK

1 - 1.45pm My life as a .....Muslim, Hindu,
Sikh, Christian with Q&A sessions

1 – 1.45pm Keeping yourself and your children
safe on the Internet
Angela Woodley, CCP

1- 1.45pm Hands off! It’s mine: Don’t be a
target for thieves.
Carol Aston, Cambs Police

1.45 – 2.30pm Fruits of the World: Try before
you buy
Ann Brewster, CCP

5.15-6pm Belly dancing for beginners
Faye & the Desert Dancers

sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

Workshop: Young People and Alcohol...FREE

Workshop 2: Young People and Alcohol
Thomas Deacon Academy
23rd June 2011: 4-6 pm
All are welcome!

Future workshops to include:
-What to do if your child is in a gang
-Drug & Substance Abuse
-Sex Education What are the risks?
-How to Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

Contact the Family Learning Team at City College to book or enquire: 01733 761361 ext. 283

segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011

Despedida Padre David Jennings

Komunidadi Timor Ho Goa

Han-hemu hafoin missa

Foto hamutuk ho Padre David

Missa despedida padre David Jennings, halo iha Katedral Peterborough, loron Sabadu, 11 de Junhu, hahu tuku 6 lokoraik. Ema barak mak halo parti iha missa bo'ot ne. Komunidadi hotu-hotu, inklui Komunidadi Timor iha Peterborough mos lori knanauk "Kristo Nai Liurai" duranti komunhao nia laran.

Missa hotu tiha, tuir kedas han-hemu iha katedral nia jardim, hahu'u 7pm to'o 9pm.

Padre David hanesan ema nebe dedika nia moris hodi hametin relasaun diak entre komunidadi hotu-hotu iha Peterborough, inklui musulmanus sira.

Relasaun Padre David ho komunidadi Timor

Iha fulan Fevereiru, tinan kotuk, padre David halo reuniaun ida ho grupu Timor oan ida hodi forma "East Timorese Community in Peterborough".

Komunidadi Timor iha peterborough ohin loron existi tamba suporte maka'as hosi Igreja St. Peter and All Soul's, espesialmente padre David. Ne'e duni, hafoin tiha missa, Timor oan grupu ida ba hasoru padre David hodi fo agradesimentu. Iha hasoru malun ne'e, padre David husu atu kontinua lori komunidadi lao ba oin.

Iha padre David nia liman, realiza kasamentu 1, primeiru komunhao labarik nain 2, sarani labarik liu 10.

Texto: Celso Oliveira

Foto: Mario Pereira

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

Relatoriu Festa Nian

Komunidadi Timor iha Peterborough simu kontribuisaun hosi klosan ida-idak no familia sira, total £305, hodi selebra tinan 9 Independensia Timor Leste iha sidadi Peterborough. Festa realiza iha loron Sabadu, 21 de Maio, komesa tuku 4.30 lokoraik to'o tuku 10 kalan.

Ho ida ne'e, Komunidadi Timor iha Peterborough, hato'o obrigadu barak ba Timor oan hotu (klosan no familia) nebe fo'o kontribuisaun hodi realiza festa nasional Timor Leste nian.

Komunidadi Timor Iha Peterborough

domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

II Festival Loron Internasional Labarik Nian

Familia Timor oan lori sira nia oan ba halimar iha Central Park, iha loron Sabadu, 4 de Junhu, hodi selebra II Festival Loron Internasional Labarik Nian.

Celso Oliveira

sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

Timor 3 - Poland 3

Iha semana kotuk, domingo, dia 29 de Maio, ekipa Timor joga ho ekipa Poland. iha jogo amigavel ne'e remata ho 3-3.

Amari, Apeu no Chico Mambola mak marka golo ba baliza polaco nian.

Timor oan barak maka ba asisti jogo ne'e.

Celso Oliveira

quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

International Children Day

Ohin, dia 1 de Junho 2011 selebra Loron Internasional Labarik Nian. Iha mundo tomak, hosi Amerika to'o Europa, hosi Afrika, Asia to'o Australia, hotu-hotu dedika loron ida ne'e hodi halo festa ba labarik sira.

Iha sidadi nebe hau hela ba, naran Peterborough, sei halo festa ba labarik sira iha dia 4 de Junho, sabadu, komesa tuku 10 dader to'o tuku 3 lokoraik. Familia Timor oan hotu nebe hela iha sidadi Peterborough, hotu-hotu bele lori sira nia oan hodi ba halimar iha Central Park.

The Festival’s arena will be divided into 4 main thematic sections:

1) Performing Arts (children’s performance)

2) Children’s activities (example: face painting, arts and crafts, traditional costumes – fitting rooms, messy play…)

3) Sports activities (football, golf, mini – Olympics…)

4) Family Information Space (information stands for families)

Dear All,
Please see the poster advertising II International Children's Day Festival in Peterborough organised by the collaboration of statutory, voluntary and business sectors from our city. Over 30 organizations, small businesses and representatives of our Local Authority came together to deliver this hopefully unforgettable experience for all children. Fun, live performances, food, arts and crafts activities, rides and many, many more small and big initiatives will take place in Central Park on the 4th of June - starting at 10am.

Please help us to advertise this event by forwarding this email to you friends, colleagues and organizations which work with children. We would like every child in Peterborough to know that on the 4th of June a special effort is being made, especially for them.

Thank you very much to all who volunteered so far to support this Festival. It is not too late to join us. You may do so as a volunteer(pls see volunteer form), as an organization (if you want to deliver activities for children or information to their parents, perform live or take part in sports activities - expression of interest form) or as a sponsor .... so please get in touch with me if you are interested.

On behalf of the organisers:

Peterborough City Council,
Polish Saturday School,
Polish Arts and Culture Association

Kasia Chiva