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Letter From Kasia Chiva

Dear Celso

On the 27 March 2011 every household in the country will be required to complete a Census questionnaire. To ensure Peterborough secures the maximum return rate, we plan to promote the Census by holding a series of Census Completion Events. These will encourage people to come along to strategic locations where they can obtain help with completing their Census forms.

The first of these events will be held at Peterborough Town Hall on Census Day – Sunday 27 March 2011 from 12 noon until 4 pm.

We plan to make this Town Hall event a celebration of the Census. To help us, Peterborough Museum and the City Archivist will be putting on a Victorian display showing how previous Census data has helped them in their work. In addition, to promote the multi-cultural aspects of the city, we have invited key community groups to provide refreshments based on their traditions both current and those in the past.

The Mayor of Peterborough will be opening the event - the details of the event are:

Date: 27 March 2011
Location: Peterborough Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough. PE1 1HF
Time: 12 noon (which will be the time of the opening)

I really hope that you will be able to attend this event. I would be very grateful if you could inform us as to whether or not this is possible. Just give me a ring or send an email.

Kind regards,
Kasia Chiva
Census 2011 Team

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