sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

Declaration of Tolerance

Iha loron 12 fulan Dezembro tinan 2010, komunidadi hotu-hotu hamutuk iha “ONE VOICE, ONE COMMUNITY” halo deklarasaun hodi kria paz no harmonia iha sidadi Peterborough.
Komunidadi Timor Leste, mos halo parti iha sidadi Peterborough iha obrigasaun atu kria paz no harmonia iha sidadi Peterborough.

Declaration of Tolerance

We, the people of Peterborough desire that:
In a world often filled with fear
We open our hearts to Love

Though we sometimes see things differently
We open our minds to hope

As we seek ways of living together
We open our eyes to other people’s goodness

We, the people of Peterborough,
Turn away from hatred towards love

We turn away from intolerance,
Injustice and ignorance
Towards understanding and fairness for all.

As sisters and brothers
We commit ourselves to compassion.

Together, not alone,
We, the people of Peterborough,
Desire peace and harmony for our city.

Membru komunidadi:
Ana Rosa, Clara Jerónimo, Cristovao, Celso Oliveira, Estanislau Ximenes, Salvador no Zito Araújo.

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