terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

Women Basketball Team

Dear All,

Last week I wrote to you about the new sports initiative for women. I am pleased to say that I have managed to find a professional coach and a venue. First session for all women who want to play basketball will take place next Thursday, the 7th of July at 7pm at the Stanground Sports Hall. It will be run by the Nenevalley Basketball Club.

The session will cost £3 per person to cover the hall rental. We will not have to pay for the coach!! If we manage to set up a team which will practice regularly we will look at the funding opportunities to cover the cost of the hall as well.

What is most important right now is to get a sufficient number of players. I can't wait to start playing basketball again and hoping you will join me!

Please send this email to your friends and members who may be interested. Please let me know if you'll be attending the session.

Kind regards

Kasia Chiva

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